We have observed a growing demand for online events. Therefore, we are opening two modern, fully equipped studios, Green Screen and Green Box. They have been designed for our clients who are looking for a professional place to organize training sessions, webinars, multimedia shows, meetings and business conferences. The studios have been designed for the production of video clips, events and video materials with the use of green screen setups and the Chroma Key technology. Our Warsaw-based Green Box studio comprehensively meets the needs of our most demanding customers. This is the era of streaming and the time when a number of events can only be attended via the Internet.

green screen or blue screen versus colour keying efficiency

Currently, after many years of the dominance of blue (Blue Box), the green screen technology has begun to play a predominant role. Its popularity is directly related to the transformation from analogue to digital technology – the vast majority of cameras, video cameras and other recording devices available on the market are equipped with the Bayer filter grids. They are more sensitive to green, which guarantees better keying efficiency.

Neither green nor blue are colours of the skin, as a result of which you maintain the optimum contrast and that is extremely important for projects in HD and 4K resolution standards. Proper exposure in the case of the green screen also means less light required for optimum illumination of people and objects, hence the advantage of Green Screen studio over Blue Box. Of course, this does not mean that the blue screen has completely disappeared with the advent and advancements of digital technologies. They are still used in the Chroma Key method, where there are elements of the scenery such as e.g. plants or other green objects.

Live streaming
Live streaming

Green Box studio in Warsaw – application

The studio with a green screen/blue screen setup has been designed for the production of the following projects:

  • business conferences, training sessions, meetings,
  • symposia and scientific meetings,
  • webinars in online and offline technology,
  • documentaries and thematic programs,
  • video clips, music videos, commercial spots,
  • 4K and HD online streaming
  • multimedia presentations, animations.

    virtual recording studio 23

    For the needs of smaller projects, such as webinars and online conferences with up to 3 speakers, we have created a fully equipped Green Screen studio with the following setup dimensions:

    • floor width: 5 m x 3.5 m,
    • height of 3 walls: 2.7 m.

    The studio works as technical support for events along with their simultaneous interpretation (the studio has been equipped with a booth for two interpreters). It is also possible to conduct a direct online broadcast of an event from there. There is some relaxation area for conference participants, including kitchen space with a coffee maker, a kettle and a restroom.

    Studio 23


    Streaming of the conference
    Professional organization of streaming

    virtual recording studio 30

    The second, larger studio, designed for multimedia projects for up to 6 people is equipped with a similar equipment. These are the dimensions of the Green Box:

    • 7.20 x 7.20 m (floor space),
    • 3.5 m (height of the walls).

    Apart from training sessions, webinars and meetings with the use of the Chroma Key technology, the studio can also host concerts, video clips and many other projects. As in the case of the smaller studio, also in this case, we provide comprehensive technical and social facilities.

    Studio 30


    Green Screen Studio Warsaw rental

    In such a large and dynamically developing city as Warsaw, the Green Box studio is becoming increasingly popular among advertising and artistic agencies, companies from the event industry, training companies, as well as scientific organizations and various other enterprises. We want to address the needs of all those looking for professional Gren Boxes for rental to carry out their own projects. We encourage you to contact us and familiarize yourself with our offer.

    Streaming of the conference

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