Videoconferencing is already a standard in almost every company. The need to immediately discuss the most pressing issues in the enterprise requires a quick live meeting of several, a dozen or even several dozen people. This means a lot of meticulous preparation, whereas you can never be sure that everyone will be in one place at a specific time. With all this in mind, conference streaming looks exceptionally attractive.

Conference streaming – an answer to the challenges of today

Thanks to live broadcast, you can participate in the discussion at any time. Going to a virtual room only requires access to the Internet. This is an excellent solution when facilitating international conferences, however, it is also used in much smaller and local companies.

We have tools to make conference streaming extremely smooth: participants can join the discussion without any problems, take part in voting or take advantage of simultaneous interpretation. Interacting with other conference guests can be easily moderated by the host. Traditional meetings are not that much different from conference streaming – just use appropriate technologies provided by live broadcast experts and you are there. We provide special conference speakers, sound mixers and wireless microphones for your project presentation even in several dozen places simultaneously.

Streaming of the conference
Live streaming

Live streaming for marketing purposes

Corporate conferences are just an example of what can be achieved with professional streaming. This technology is more and more often used for broad marketing and training activities. With our solutions, you can easily organize the following types of events:


  • A webinar. This is one of the most interesting forms of training activity for groups of any number of people. During one session, participants communicate with each other in real time (including chat) in a tightly controlled manner and have access to interactive presentations. Webinars conducted in such a way allow to train the largest number of employees possible, without having to arrange a dedicated room space.
  • Personal Branding. It has been designed for the promotion of a personal brand and direct contact with fans. More and more often, is the online streaming of a charismatic leader of a given company used for the promotion of the entire team, products and services.
  • Live coverage of events. Here we have both sports and cultural events, and even industry conferences. In this case, the sky is the limit. The event can be followed by everyone from a given group at any time. It can reach a wide audience, regardless of where they are currently.
  • Live promotional campaigns. They are the most interesting and dynamic in spreading the knowledge about a company and its work. With the online streaming, everyone has the same insight into what products look like and how they work. On top of that, asking questions and posting answers is possible. This is why campaigns in the form of online streaming are so popular.

    Conference streaming strengths

    We are fully engaged in our work. We are happy to share our knowledge, providing support in designing webinar scenarios . We can assist our client in analysing their needs and then selecting the best concept of any online undertaking. Producing and delivering webinars with us is a guarantee of project success and full satisfaction of both organizers and participants.

    BSC AV contractors may choose any of several forms of webcasting. We recommend webinars for training courses and content marketing events of various importance. We suggest online broadcasting for conferences to allow speakers and conference interlocutors and panellists to be displayed in full screen. We also have interesting solutions developed especially for social media fans engagement.

    Streaming of the conference
    Professional organization of streaming

    Comprehensive streaming production

    It is recommended to go for well-proven, professional solutions to make your streaming production run smooth. You will receive every possible assistance in making your videoconference impressive and efficient in reaching your audience with your message. We provide:

    • conference streaming lighting,
    • live broadcast sound systems,
    • multimedia packages (LED screens, 4K video cameras and other equipment),
    • modern discussion and voting systems,
    • audio-visual installations (custom-made)

    Please, contact us by phone or e-mail to hear more about our streaming services. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We have impressive experience in live broadcasting and are capable of developing the most optimum solution to suit your needs. We are certain we will be able to assist you in developing any kind of event.

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