Online debate

A debate is one of the most important forms of communication. It enables the exchange of arguments on various levels of social life. This form of discussion is successfully used, among others in journalism, business, science, education and, of course, in politics, where it is the most popular. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to run an event live. Yet still, it is possible to exchange points of view and present opposite opinions thanks to the development of modern technology and the discovery of remote debates.

online debate production

BSC AV has had many years of experience in technical support for various types of events both at national and international levels. In addition to services such as conferences or online streaming, our offer includes debate production and broadcasting, in a remote mode, for a countless number of participants. This service offers great opportunities to expand your knowledge and express your views on very similar terms that exist during a traditional stationary debate. It is also an ideal solution if we need to organize an online general shareholders’ meeting that cannot be held live. The fact that people participating in the event are in a very convenient position, as they do not have to leave their place of residence to actively participate in the discussion, represents a huge advantage.
Live streaming
Live streaming

what do we offer in terms of the online debate?

We offer advanced technological solutions, supporting debate production and broadcast at the highest quality with access to modern ways of facilitating active participation in the event.

Among the most important tools for a smooth online debate there are:

  • an appropriately adapted registration form,
  • individual login for each participant of the event to prevent incidents involving undesired participants,
  • ability to play the debate on any device with a WEB browser
  • individual access to mailing sent to participants before the debate,
  • a text message gateway to remind about the date of the planned event,
  • a possibility of voting and active participation in the ongoing debate,
  • debate moderating and the ability to display questions asked by participants,
  • detailed event summary report, including viewers statistics.
  • standard access to the debate for 100 participants or for any number of people subject to individual service pricing,
  • comprehensive and professional technical support during the debate production and broadcast,
  • possibility of hosting simultaneous presentations by even 8 speakers,
  • streaming in HD transfer quality + a server (if necessary, streaming in several languages is possible),
  • sharing and reproducing of a variety of information materials such as presentations, statistics, videos, etc.

debate production in an extended version

A richer package of the debate by BSC AV includes:

  • professional broadcasting with video cameras, operators and with the use of our virtual studio at BSC AV main office


  • assembling the required technical equipment (microphones, cameras, mixers) at a location indicated by the customer,
  • advanced multimedia production, including a green screen setup for presentations, windows animation, video templates.
Streaming of the conference
Professional organization of streaming

online debate – benefits

Although a traditional live debate is probably better known, it should be noted that a debate conducted remotely has many advantages that are gaining in importance nowadays. First of all, it gives people staying in different places and even speaking different languages the opportunity to actively participate in the event. In addition, it does not require physical presence, and as such, reduces the cost of travel and the time necessary to reach the meeting point. It is convenient not only when arranging a debate, but also other meetings – for example, a general shareholders’ meeting. The online debate does not require renting a room or any in-venue services to all guests. This method of communication uses the most modern technological solutions, allows for an interesting presentation of contents and is available to an almost unlimited number of participants.
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