Our experience in the arrangement of architectural and effect lighting makes each event with BSC AV unique.
A wide range of modern stage equipment allows us to meet the requirements of every technical rider.

stage lighting

Lighting of concerts of Polish and international performers requires the fulfillment of technical riders Our intelligent lighting equipment (spot, wash and beam lighting) by world-renowned brands gives you the possibility to meet the requirements of every performer. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of BSC AV staff, we are able select the most optimal equipment for any event where we do not have a list of required devices. We will make sure that the lighting at your event will be remembered for a long time as an amazing musical and visual spectacle.

effect lighting

This type of lighting can give every interior a unique atmosphere. State-of-the-art LED BAR and LED PAR devices with high brightness and RGBAW LEDs allow us to create a desired atmosphere with every available color.
Our devices have negligible UV radiation, which makes them perfect for historical objects. SPOT mobile heads with a wide range of structures and patterns can give your interior an exceptional atmosphere.
Effect lighting will make your event unique. Your audience will have it in their fond memory for a long time. Architectural interior lighting can perfectly complement your stage design. Architectural lighting highlights details and emphasizes the advantages of your interior, but also covers up any architectural shortcomings and deficiencies.

architectonic lighting

This type of lighting highlights the unique qualities of building facade. We recommend outdoor LED devices which emphasize building architecture and make your event visible from afar.

conference lighting

Conference organizers often disregard the need for lighting, even though it plays an equally important role as professional sound or conference system. Stage profile light ensures that speakers are well visible to audience and cameras, while room lighting provides a climate appropriate to the subject matter and form of the meeting.
Depending on the customer’s expectations, we can create a climate that accompanies intimate events, as well as create light setting typical for prestigious events.

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