We offer a full package of multimedia solutions: LED screens, a wide selection of projection surfaces, laser projectors and 4K cameras, as well as comprehensive multimedia TV solutions, complemented by advanced vision mixers and an experienced technical team.

LED screens

120m2 P3 LED screen that can be installed as a straight or curved line (convex or concave) will create unique, spectacular effects at your events. A presentation surrounding the audience or a multimedia round “advertising banner” above your fair stand are just a few of the many applications of our LED screens.

A single 50/50 cm module gives you the possibility to create a screen of any desired shape.

We also provide high resolution LED screens (2 and 1.5 px).

projection screens

Projection screens can be grouped depending on their assembly methods, projection types and format.

Our offer includes self-supporting screens with a dedicated frame and the possibility of mounting, as well as fixed-frame screens which require a separate frame structure.

Depending on your needs, screen surfaces can be used for front and rear projections in 4:3 and 16:9 formats. We are also able to create any other format of the projection surface to satisfy the most innovative staging vision.

multimedia projectors

A wide selection of projectors gives us the possibility of serving multiple locations at the same time. Modern laser projectors with 10,000 Ansi Lumen brightness can project spectacular images on the interior walls. For outdoor 3D videomapping we use advanced 30,000 Ansi projectors.

vision mixers and mediaserwers

Types of vision mixers differ in their functionality.

Simple signal switches connect several video sources and make it possible to switch smoothly between them on the screen A presentation interwoven with camera image or a conference logo shown between speakers are their basic functionalities.

At conferences we apply the simplest devices to manage input signal changes between computers and cameras using the effect of transition. We use digital video switches at all events, even when there is only one presentation. They are helpful e.g. in the case of unwanted system alerts, problems with video playback during presentation, or efficient switching between contents made in different programs.

Advanced vision mixers enable real-time execution with visual effects, such as moving text stripe on the camera image, picture in picture or keying – cutting graphic elements or characters from the background and placing them on a different background (using greenscreen or bluescreen).

Mediaservers are dedicated to the most advanced projects with high resolution image and screens with unusual formats. These devices combine the functions of advanced vision mixers with projection on 3D objects (3D projection) or ball-shaped surfaces (warping).

Our offer includes a wide range of video mixers, which enables us to provide professional multimedia service at your events.

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