We do our best to ensure perfect audio quality in any location. We can adapt our sound system to the size and shape of your venue and select the right accessories for the most complex stage related demands.

sound systems for events
front sound systems

Polish and international celebrities often perform at gala events, banquets or jubilee events, as part of the artistic entertainment. They demand sound systems of recognized international brands. Our offer includes among others L-Acoustics concert systems, which are characterized by the highest selectivity of sound and meet the requirements of every performer.

  • Kara line source system has a compact and lightweight structure which can be used in locations with limited load where massive sound systems can spoil the visual esthetics of the event. Kara provides clarity and precision for vocals, speech and leading instruments. 110° horizontal directivity of each speaker fills the space to provide precise sound while avoiding any overlapping of sound waves. State-of-the-art rigging system ensures high accuracy and quick set-up.
  • ARCS is a universal 15” speaker system offering active bandwidth division. It was optimized for high impact and average power. This versatile solution, with configurable directivity, scales with the needs of any event and venue. It provides tone balance throughout the whole space. This system is dedicated both to interiors where the event requires dynamics and high volume of low tones, as well as to smaller outdoor events.

In combination with digital mixers and a wide selection of condenser and dynamic microphones, we can practically provide sound for every celebrity performing at your event.
We are experts in providing sound systems at both smaller events, as well as banquets, concerts and shows in large venues.

backline amplification equipment

We have a wide variety of Shure, Sennheiser and AKG condenser and dynamic microphones, as well as microphone stands dedicated to musical instruments. Working with your band acoustician we can prepare the whole set-up ensuring the best audio for your concert. The musicians will be provided with top parameter wedge monitor.

digital mixers

We recommend Soundcraft, Allen&Heath, Yamaha, Behringer, DiGiCo consoles. Our digital mixers meet technical requirements of riders by providing control of front and stage sound systems, as well as latencies. We are there to ensure perfect audibility of the whole event.

conference sound systems

Thanks to our large equipment base (conference loudspeakers, sound mixers and wireless microphones), as well as specialized team of conference technicians, we are able to provide services in several dozen locations at the same time.

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