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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic BSC AV has decided to develop ultra-safe, virtual events, attended by participants from their homes. In order to meet our customers’ needs we have a fully equipped, virtual Studio to offer for broadcasting various happenings live. In order to meet our customers’ needs we have a fully equipped, virtual Studio to offer for broadcasting various happenings live.

virtual studio

We have created, especially for you, two fully-equipped studios for video-conference broadcasts. We have created, especially for you, two fully-equipped studios for video-conference broadcasts. The studios have complete technical support for video footage broadcast, as well as multimedia productions. The studio allows for different kinds of setups, including a virtual arrangement green-screen .

Our studios are located in Warsaw, in WFDiF, at Chełmska 21, buildings 23 and 30.

led screen for rent
LED screens

virtual event

virtual conferences

We offer to you a modern tool that combines the functions of videoconferencing, webinars and streaming giving you the opportunity to conduct a virtual conference or event for up to 1000 people, as if it took place during an event and a classic (stationary) conference.

Our software sends e-mails to participants inviting them to a dedicated platform that offers:

  • ticket sale
  • contact with participants by e-mail or text message
  • access to the event only after logging in – full control of participants
  • online broadcast from our studio or any place chosen by you – the image of the speaker and his presentation in separate windows (picture in picture)
  • interaction with viewers – the possibility of asking voice questions by conference participants
  • chat
  • an orderly agenda
  • virtual networking in the form of face-to-face meetings as a part of the virtual event

We can also broadcast an online event from another place, indicated by you, equipping it in advance, in accordance with the client’s vision, with a spectacular setup, a multimedia and lighting setting.




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Videoconferencing, also referred to by some as virtual conferencing or web-based teleconferencing, is a communication system that allows people in different locations to chat and see each other live using the appropriate equipment. The implementation of this type of meetings allows you to conduct efficient business discussions, discuss projects, consult clients, convene meetings and conduct many other activities in any location, without leaving your office or home. Arranging an online tele-conference with the use of video is a perfect solution during crisis situations, which sometimes limit the possibility of moving and meeting in groups, but also has a lot of equally important advantages, such as reducing company costs or saving employees’ time.

virtual conference with high definition sound and high resolution image

Producing videoconferences and broadcasting conferences for both large and small teams are among our specialties. We enable meetings with sound and image in any location using the latest technology. We enable meetings with sound and image in any location using the latest technology. Thanks to our advanced audio and video equipment, we guarantee the highest quality signal, without interference, noise or blurring. Dynamics parameters, sound clarity and image resolution all do matter to us. This makes not only the interlocutors visible, but also the materials they present. Our innovative systems provide an extremely convenient and practical solution that takes the functioning of a business or institution to a completely new level.

video-conference types and production

There are several types of online teleconferences with video cameras, including (but not limited to):

  • point type – consists in connecting two locations where individual people or groups of people are located. The implementation of a videoconference in this mode requires the use of only two terminals and is the easiest-to-use method
  • multi-point type – used when there are more than two locations with callers. Specialized network devices, e.g. teleconference servers, are used to seamlessly connect them with each other.

In the multi-point type of teleconferencing, we can distinguish several additional sub-types. These include, among others:

  • conference type – you can see on the screen divided areas with several interlocutors from different places,
  • speaker type – all people in particular locations can see the so-called speaker, while the speaker sees only the person currently speaking,
  • discussion type – the person speaking at the moment is seen by all participants of the teleconference,
  • managerial type – one person is in full control of the course of the entire videoconference, gives the floor and decides whose image is to be displayed at particular moment.

security in conducting remote meetings

Virtual conferences, conducted by our company are based on the use of the most modern equipment. We care not only about the audio and video quality, but also the security of the process itself. Information provided during meetings will never reach any unauthorized persons. This is an extremely important issue, e.g. when arranging a business videoconference where the management board discusses confidential documents, processes or investments of key importance to the company. We provide an extremely stable, encrypted signal and smooth running of the meeting.

virtual conference – benefits

Remote meetings allow individual participants to interact and communicate visually without having to gather in one place. Among the most frequently mentioned benefits of this type of solution are savings related to the costs of travel, accommodation or renting large conference rooms. The time spent preparing for a meeting is also a significant advantage – participants do not have to spend many hours traveling to get to the event.
More and more people see benefits, such as the potential of the latest technologies in presenting individual documents, presentations and other materials directly from the computer which the person uses while conducting the meeting. Videoconferences improve the pace of the decision-making process, maximizing the use of the time allocated to the meeting. They significantly improve company operations by affecting the quality of customer service when implemented in the place of traditional phone calls. They also prove that a particular business is conducted in accordance with the spirit of the latest trends and technologies.




onlinesimultaneous interpretations

Thanks to advanced hardware solutions, we provide online simultaneous interpretations into several languages. Any person, regardless of the language they use, can actively participate in the event.


for foreign speakers

Thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions, combining the functions of our advanced vision mixers and online conferencing software, we can broadcast lectures by speakers who could not be in the studio in person.

All this to ensure that events and conferences are safe for all participants.

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