A discussion system will help you manage the debate during business meetings. It comprises a set of microphones (multiphones) controlled by a central unit.

how does it work?

Anyone who wants to speak must press a button on their delegate unit. There is also a chairman unit in the discussion system, which always has priority. The person in charge of the debate receives this unit. If simultaneous interpreting is provided, it is possible to listen to the selected language version directly from the discussion unit.

The number of active microphones can also be configured simultaneously in different operating modes:

  • OVERITE – intercepting the voice of the first speaker
  • OPEN – open mode, waiting list in the debate
  • VOICE – voice activation mode

our systems

BSC AV uses Bosch NG digital discussion systems and the latest IP Bosch DICENTIS – a revolutionary conference system that combines audio, video and content presented during the meeting. This is the pinnacle of conference technology based on the OMNEO Media Networking architecture. . This innovative system features state-of-the-art technology and intelligent network management to ensure that conferences are held without any interruption.

The discussion systems are in two versions:

  • wire systems
    This system is used at most business and government meetings, where it is necessary to manage the discussion of many – even several thousand – people.
  • wireless systems
    We are the only company in Poland that owns cordless discussion systems. This solution gives us the ability to set up multiphones in any location without the need to connect them via cables. It provides convenience and aesthetics of the installation. We recommend it especially for prestigious meetings, in historical locations, at business dinners or banquets. This solution also ensures data security by encrypting the WiFi connection.

Additional functions

  • The devices are fully compatible with the Bosch Integrus simultaneous translation system and together make up the perfect conference and conference set.
  • The participants ‘ and Chairman’s (Multiphones) dashboards allow you to vote and the results are displayed on the Chairman’s desktop or with a computer and a projector on the screen.
  • The discussion systems work with the Bosch rotary camera. A camera coupled with a control unit enables speaker presentations on the screen. When you press the caller button on the Multiphone, the camera automatically zooms in on the speaker of the desktop. The dedicated microphone pods, as well as the dedicated loudspeakers, meet the emission standards for radio and television and guarantee excellent sound in the room.
  • Display any logo on a multiphone screen
  • Built-in NFC reader used to identify logged participants in real time. This information is provided by the queue management of applicants for discussion, and the name of the speaker can be displayed on the screen under its camera image.

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